Saturday, October 08, 2011


My recent trip to the Tim Burton Exhibit at the LACMA has reignited my love of his work( not all of it but you know the ones). Sooo... I am making the month of October TIM BURTON DOODLE FEST! Well, that and halloween is coming up...I kinda did the doodles anyways... OK! OK! I can't help but do drawings of Edward Scissorhands. I'm obsessed and until that thirst is quenched I won't stop! Muhahaha ha. So Enjoy.


kalonji said...

Very cool ! nice one .

Anthony Francisco said...

Awesome Mindy :)
Yeah Halloween is fast approaching and I need to fill my blog with some creature sketches.

thanks for the little doodle in your sketchbook by the way!

palmtreesbarefeet said...

Wonderful drawing! Right in time for Halloween! :)