Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lost Art

NYCC was so crazy. I'll like to give a special thanks to all who dropped by to say hi.
Meeting you all made the experience that much more awesome.

On a sad note however, halfway through the con two portfolios of art went missing:Peter Nguyen's and mine. There's a lot of art out there lost and alone so if anyone hear about it's whereabouts please let me know. The only places I am selling my art currently are Gallery Nucleus and Essential Sequential so if you see my art pop up for sale let me know as well. Sadly this piece and the the recent edwards are among the missing.
Asides from the sad, NYCC was a fun experience. I got to hang with awesome artist, have dinner with uncle and auntie, and see lotsa cool places with my cousin. Thanks Cousin Tiff!


JWags said...

But, he's not fainting, Mindy! Sorry the portfolio got nabbed. :(

Justin Rodrigues said...

Mindy so sorry to hear about the stolen art. This piece is a beauty hope you find it!

Shelly Wan said...

OH NO!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!

Kendall Robinson said...

What the!? That's terrible, steeling your art is like steeling a piece of your soul 0_0 . . . well maybe not that dramatic but still!