Saturday, January 30, 2010


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Thank you Steve for painting such a beautiful picture of your experience with John. I was so impressed with reading this story I wanted to share it with others. I was also lucky enough to have been taught by John and when reading Steve's story It felt almost like my own experiences with him. Sundays with John and his family were just as Steve said, like spending time in a magical place. I remember the first time walking into John's class at the BMAI. I probably sat there with a grin permanently on my face and stars dancing in my eyes. When John draws, whole worlds of possibility open up before your eyes. Whenever I am having issues wth my own art I retreat mentally to those classes at his garage. Whether it be through a Soho doorway in a building off Great Marlborough Street or in a garage at 7:00 on sundays in Los Angeles, if you have had the chance to study with John, you will always have that little place in your heart to go back to.


Steve sculpts critters said...

Thanks Mindy,
I'm glad my experience resonates with yours. There's lots of other people who are better equipped in their artistic tool bag for having met him as well.
A generous, one of a kind teacher I'd say.

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hello everybody

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Thanks again!

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