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Trying to be do a little James Jean feel and not being very good at it. It was a fun piece to do nonetheless.

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Lost Art

NYCC was so crazy. I'll like to give a special thanks to all who dropped by to say hi.
Meeting you all made the experience that much more awesome.

On a sad note however, halfway through the con two portfolios of art went missing:Peter Nguyen's and mine. There's a lot of art out there lost and alone so if anyone hear about it's whereabouts please let me know. The only places I am selling my art currently are Gallery Nucleus and Essential Sequential so if you see my art pop up for sale let me know as well. Sadly this piece and the the recent edwards are among the missing.
Asides from the sad, NYCC was a fun experience. I got to hang with awesome artist, have dinner with uncle and auntie, and see lotsa cool places with my cousin. Thanks Cousin Tiff!

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Attending NYCC

Artist Alley Booth M-16

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My recent trip to the Tim Burton Exhibit at the LACMA has reignited my love of his work( not all of it but you know the ones). Sooo... I am making the month of October TIM BURTON DOODLE FEST! Well, that and halloween is coming up...I kinda did the doodles anyways... OK! OK! I can't help but do drawings of Edward Scissorhands. I'm obsessed and until that thirst is quenched I won't stop! Muhahaha ha. So Enjoy.

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October 8, 2011 - October 31, 2011
Opening Reception / Oct 8, 7:00PM - 11:00PM

Gallery Nucleus has a new show this Saturday. Swing by and check it out if you have the chance :D.

This awesome piece is by Eric Velhagen

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Doodle on ipad

My friend Dan let me drawing using his sketch club app on his ipad. This program is like a dark magic. It makes you draw amazing. Everyone in our group had a try and all made masterpieces effortlessly. Scary stuff.

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Ivy's Garden

This drawing was a bit of a rabbit hole for me. The more I tried to find the way the more lost I became.
There's something to this one though that might lead me to explore it again.

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I revisit old drawings often to try to improve upon them.
The old one:

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Harry Potter Tribute Show

Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition
July 9, 2011 - August 1, 2011
Opening Reception / Jul 9, 7:00PM - 11:00PM
The Harry Potter Tribute Art Exhibition is a collection of work gathered through private invitations, open submissions and the common love for all things Harry Potter.
Opening in the gallery July 9 2011, a week before the final Harry Potter film, the exhibition will feature over 50 artists and nearly 100 tribute works in paintings, sculptures and installations.
For more info:

My "Dumbledore and Harry" piece is available for online auction now through the 15th:

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As a drawing challenge my friend jen presented to me the task of drawing a peasant adventurer. My take on it was a scene of a father saying his farewells to his daughter who is ready to depart on a great journey. The peasant part wasn't really well conveyed but it was the best I could do not to be too literal about it. And I couldn't help myself but correct it a little on photoshop as well. The original looked kinda like he was hurting her. Drew hands that looked too intense.

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I was just talking about how the series xxxholic's style kinda bothered me cause the characters had super elongated bodies and regular heads the other day. I turn around and do the exact same thing. LOL. What a dork.

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Art for Japan Online Art Auction

"ART FOR JAPAN" is an emergency campaign project supporting the efforts of Give2Asia and Artists Help Japan in delivering aid to survivors of Japan's Earthquake & Tsunami, and to support short and long-term recovery of the affected communities.
Nucleus is holding an online art auction to contribute the Japan relief efforts.
Online Bidding Opens / Apr 20, 7:00PM
Bidding Closes / Apr 24, 7:00PM
Link to the auction:
Link to my piece:

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Edward Scissorhands 20th Anniversary Tribute

April 16, 2011 – May 09, 2011
Opening Reception: April 16, 2011(7 pm - 11 pm)
Edward Scissorhands 20th Anniversary Tribute
April 16, 2011 - May 9, 2011
Opening Reception / Apr 16, 7:00PM - 11:00PM
Gallery Nucleus transforms into the mystical world of Edward Scissorhands as we host an exhibition to tribute Tim Burton's classic love story and its unforgettable characters; Edward, Kim, Peg and a band of colorful suburbanites.

It was twenty years ago that the public was introduced to the modern-day fairy tale Edward Scissorhands. Though the story of an outcast or "freak" misunderstood by "normal" society is nothing new, this brilliantly designed film with the sweetness and sadness of romantic love coupled with Gothic overtones resonated deeply with audiences and injected beauty and enchantment into the familiar.

The curatorial online project Scissorhands 20th created by artist Sebastien Mesnard, is an ongoing online blog that features the work of artists from across the globe, creating works inspired by the story and its' characters and executed through the artists own unique approach. In collaboration with Sebastien Mesnard, Gallery Nucleus will be showcasing a selection of original works from the Scissorhands 20th blog. The exhibit will highlight the works of over 40 artists, including paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, etc. and unite enthusiasts and fans in celebrating the 20th anniversary of Edward Scissorhands and Tim Burton’s unparalleled creative vision.
For more information, please see:

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Vinyl Stickers for the Cause!

Helping out the cause! I want to help my friend Kam reach her goal on her Bike for Kam project. So from now till April 29th these vinyl decal designs will be for sale to go towards her cause. 100% of the profit will go towards Bike for Kam. More about the Kam's condition:
Stickers for sale at:
The decals are cut on black vinyl and the sizes are 7.5 inches tall.

It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little - do what you can. ~Sydney Smith

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Bike for Kam

About the Project

Bike for Kam is about a group of friends coming together to complete a coastal bike tour from San Francisco to Santa Monica (Los Angeles) on April 25 to April 29, 2011. The purpose of their journey is to raise funds and awareness for Kam, and for all those afflicted with HIBM (Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy). Through this project we hope to raise awareness of HIBM, so that we may soon find a cure for this rare genetic muscle debilitating, and degenerative condition. A cure is within reach!

As a grassroots project, all the work has been voluntarily created by the team below. Kam and Steve lead the creative direction of all design and PR materials, and each rider is volunteering their enthusiasm and time during the trip. The bike project has required a lot of time, work and (our own) money, but its has been a labor of love, and a lot of fun! Please, take the time to get to know us. We invite you to share our story. The fun is just beginning!
Learn more here:
Donate to the cause here:

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Comic Challenge

I wanna play comic artist for a bit and see how far I can go. This scene is from a comic I read a long time ago. It has ninjas, sexy lady, and some crazy action. If you know where this sequence is from,you would know it's a hard scene to follow. It was drawn by one of my favorite comic artist. Enjoy!