Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rock God Opera

This was inspired by my friend Cynthia's play "Rock God Opera".


damon said...

rely nice very dinamic

Tony C said...

Hey! I saw your poster for this from Cynthia. Damn this kicks ass. How are you! Cheers. Tony C

Chris Battle said...

RAD. As I told Cynthia, you're 10 kinds of awesome.

(Now you know why I draw and don't write.)

Sah said...

OH MY STARS!!!! Mindy! I wish this blogger had bow down smiley icons cuz there would be rows of them!!! hehe!


Randy Bantog said...

This piece is has a really fun, creative design. very diggalicious.

R.Dress said...

Very cool. Great idea.

Feroze said...

Freaking un-believably cool !
great design, great image!
Do you use painter or photoshop?
you rock!