Thursday, November 01, 2012

New book on the way!!

I brought the doodle and Garrett Hanna brought the magic!
This piece is one of many in the collaborative book I am lucky enough to be involved in with Garrett Hanna and Cory Loftis.

The book comes out at CTN.

On a side note I will be attending Long Beach Comic Con this weekend.


Kevin Chin said...

Mindy this is gorgeous! Where can I get a print of this for my wall?

Mick said...

I really like the way you have made some characters less bold in oredr for the central one to stand out... also that hair doo... also that gun blast... also...well, everything really

M said...

Kevin: I'll let you know when I make prints of this :D.
Mick: Thank you :D. Garrett did an awesome job of the value arrangements. It's fun to see how another artist would approach the same problem.

kalonji said...

WOW !!